'Minus' is more important than 'Plus’
  • Instead of just emphasizing soft and moist texture to you, we study safe and irritation free emulsifiers.
  • Instead of deceiving you with sweet artificial synthetic scent, we insist on natural fragrance.
  • Instead of emphasizing good ingredients included in our cosmetic products, we prioritize excluding harmful ingredients.
  • We believe that what is more important than good ingredients, good cover and good scent is getting rid of the bad ingredients hidden inside.
  • Therefore, we agonize over how to exclude harmful ingredients rather than try to add better substances to our products.


Cosmetic Science helps you to restore beautiful and healthy skin
  • Our technical team possesses the technology to use natural microorganisms as cosmetic ingredients.
  • We have the experience, the knowledge, and the manufacturing technology to be able
    to select the best organic certified ingredients from numerous cosmetic ingredients.
  • We do our best to exclude the various types of chemical/synthetic preservatives, artificial
    flavoring and artificial pigmentation, which are often accepted as necessary evil.
  • It is another one of our core technology to maximize safety for the skin and yet ensure that our
    products are safely preserved.


오가닉브릿지 연구소장

Director of

Youngjin Kim
  • Graduated from Korea University (B.S. in Biology, College of Natural Sciences)
  • Worked at ABBOTT Korea, a global pharmaceutical company
  • Worked at Green Cross Co.,a Korean pharmaceutical company
  • Director of ORGANICBRIDGE R&D Center

Director Youngjin Kim's career is unique. He joined ORGANICBRIDGE after agonizing over what he can do for his second child who suffered from atopic dermititis every night.
He is extremely devoted to his work. In search of the right rose water, he once flew 30 hours to a Middle Eastern town. He's also searched far and wide in Asia for an unknown flower called 'Lady flower’.
He has a dream.
He not only wants to improve people's skin but heal the hearts of the whole family with organic cosmetics.
A child who can't sleep because of atopic dermititis, a mother who is upset seeing the blood stains on her child's bed sheets, an adolescent who is insecure because of acne trouble, a grandfather who is suffering from itching.
Mind Healing! This is his dream

화장품 기술개발  자문 책임자

Selected as one of the
'Top 100 Scientists of the world,'
by the International Biographical Center

Dr. Youngjae Kim, Professor
  • Y. J. Kim, Rajapandi, T., and Oliver, D. 1994. SecA Protein Is Exposed to the Periplasmic Surface of the E. coli Inner Membrane in Its Active State. Cell 78:845-853
  • 2016 <Essentials of Enzymology>; selected as one of the Excellent Scholarly Books, National Academy of Sciences, Korea
  • 2009 <Microbiology>; selected as one of the Excellent Scholarly Books, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea
  • 2012 Selected as one of Great Minds of the 21st century, American Biographical Institute (ABI)
  • 2012 Deputy director general of the Asian Region, International Biographical Center (IBC), Cambridge, England
  • 2012 Selected as one of the 'Top 100 Scientists of the World,' IBC

Dr. Youngjae Kim is in charge of advising our researchers in developing our company's original technology.
Dr. Kim, the lead author of an article the distinguished scientific journal 'CELL’, was given credit for his contribution to 「investigation on the mechanism of cell's intracellular protein secretion and mechanism of bioenergy generation」. He was listed in the world's top 3 biographical dictionary institutions, Marquis Who‘s Who, American Biographical Institute (ABI), and International Biographical Center (IBC), and was selected as one of the 'Top 100 Scientists of the World', by IBC.

R&D Center

Technology Research Development Institute

The research and development team with rich experience in the field of cosmetics development, is on top of the cosmetics market trend. They are using microorganisms and minerals, to develop products that will satisfy our customer's needs. Among the 30 technology possessed by ORGANICBRIDGE Research and Development Center, the main techniques are classified into the following four categories.

Technology for development of skin allergy improvement substance(patent pending) based on fermented lactobacillus mixture, floral water, and herbal extract.

Technology for manufacturing deodorant products using natural ceramic particles and fermented lactobacillus mixture.

Technology for manufacturing fiber products with deodorizing function(sanitary napkins, training pads for pets, diapers, shoe soles, etc.).

Technology for manufacturing the World's first semipermanent pigments made 100% with cosmetic ingredients.

Our Products



Consult with ORGANICBRIDGE if you want the best products with market competitiveness.
We will enhance your business value with differentiated ingredients, technology, and the best quality products.


Cosmetic Products

By focusing on the basics, we develop cosmetic products that are Fermented their potency and efficacy.
Lactobacillus mixture, autonomously developed by ORGANICBRIDGE, is patent-pending as ‘manufacturing technology for skin allergy’.

Atopic mitigation This ingredient will provide an incredible solution to dry skin and resulting or pruritus(itching).

Lactobacillus mixture used as skin allergy improvement(Patent pending). Fermented lactobacillus mixture and organic plant extract work on the skin to relieve itchiness, caused by dryness, soothes and moisturizes the skin.

  • Patent Document 16: Patent number10-0906336
  • Patent Document 17: Patent number10-1013061
  • Patent Document 18: Patent number10-087557
  • Patent Document 19: Patent number10-0875075
  • Patent Document 20: Patent number10-1127393
  • Patent Document 21: Patent number10-0813781
  • Patent Document 22: Patent number10-0769302
  • Patent Document 23: Patent number10-0769302

Deodorant Products

We have the manufacturing technology for deodorizing substance made from ceramic particles and fermented lactobacillus mmixture
It has deodorant function, deodorizing body odor, such as crown odor, armpit odor, sweat odor, Y-zone odor, smell of moist parts, foot odor, etc.

Test reports for deodorizing substance.
  • Methylmercaptan test report
  • Acetic acid test report
  • Ammonia test report
  • Trimethylamine test report
  • Formaldehyde test report
  • Hydrogen sulfide test report
  • Antibacterial stayphylococcus aureus test report
  • Antibacterial pneumonia test report

Deodorizing Fabric

We develop manufacturing technology for fiber products with deodorizing function using natural materials. We solve the problems of everyday odor by developing deodorizing sanitary napkins, deodorizing pillow cover, deodorizing fabric, diapers for the elderly, panties for urinary incontinence, training pads for pets, pet beads, shoe soles etc.

Test reports for deodorizing fiber.
  • Trimethylamine test report
  • Methylmercaptan test report
  • Acetic acid test report
  • Ammonia test report
  • far-infrared radiation test report
  • Anion test report
    214 ion/cc

Semipermanent Pigment

Semipermanent pigments developed 100% from cosmetic ingredients.
Semipermanent pigments are classified as industrial products, so their safety is not guaranteed compared to cosmetic products.
ORGANICBRIDGE's semipermanent pigments have been successfully manufactured just with cosmetic ingredients and are also outstanding in their coloring and preservative quality ORGANICBRIDGE creates the world's safest semipermanent pigments.